Myriam Correale - Third place for young fashion

The young designer Myriam Correale from Aach is happy about the success and the prize money at the Fashion Award in Düsseldorf.

Myriam Correale proudly holds her winner’s certificate into the camera. Walking on the red carpet was a very special experience for the young designer

Singen/Aach (erb). This spring the New Faces Award took place for the twelfth time, this time in Düsseldorf. The best young talents in Germany were chosen in the areas of film and fashion. Myriam Correale from Aach was one of over 1,400 applicants for the Fashion Award. She didn’t expect that she would end up in third place. “It was a spontaneous decision to apply for the New Faces Award. “I just wanted to test whether people liked my design,” says the 23-year-old.

The trained fashion designer was able to impress the prominent jury with her fashion drawings on the subject of evening shoes and thus prevailed against applicants from all over Germany. Above all, meeting Sonja Kraus, one of the three jury members, was very exciting for Myriam. Everything surrounding the award, the red carpet, the limousine in which she was driven to the show, was all a very special experience for the woman from Aachen.

Although she didn’t win first prize, which was rewarded with 5,000 euros and the production of the design; She is still very happy about third place and the 1,500 euros in prize money. “There are hardly any such competitions for young designers. My goal is to start my own fashion label one day,” says the young designer.

Source: Südkurier August 11, 2011

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